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Design Process
With over 30 years experience we have perfected how our design process works. The following process is what we follow to ensure a great result everytime.


DESIGN PROCESSInitial Consultation

The first step in the design process is to meet to discuss your project and the scope of work. Here we talk about your ideas and vision. We ask a series of questions to garner an understanding of your family’s needs & wants, architectural style and form & function. We’ll also discuss your building site to assess site-specific conditions and possible constraints.

Following the consultation, we analyze the scope of work and prepare a quote for your project. And once you’re ready to proceed we can continue the process of designing your new home or renovation project. Conceptual Plans

After the initial meeting we’ll visit your building site in order to assess the site specific qualities of the lot such as views, orientation, terrain, vegetation and building constraints. The design phase then begins and we proceed to develop the concept drawings. These drawings start to capture the information we’ve discussed. The Floor plans are developed and articulate layout and space planning.

And the exterior starts to evolve showing the character and style of your home. These drawings are then presented for review and feedback. The concept drawings are revised and re-worked based on the review notes and returned again for comments. This process continues until you’re happy with the concepts and the direction we’re headed.Preliminary Drawings

Once the concept drawings are approved we proceed to fine-tune the floor plans and the exterior character and style. We’ll develop the basement layout and all the exterior elevations.

We’ll also be in consultation with your general Contractor (if you have one pre-selected) to share ideas and processes. By this time the plans will become a representation of the final home that you had envisioned. The drawings will be presented for review and approval. Any final revisions are made and then it’s on to the final working drawing.Architectural Construction Drawings

With the design phase completed it’s time to prepare the construction drawings. This phase requires less communication with you as the design of the house is in place. However there is continued consultation with the General Contractor (if applicable) to ensure a smooth building process.

The finished construction drawings is a full set of working drawings that includes the exterior elevations, foundation plan, all floor plans, building sections and typical construction details as required. Additional drawings could include a reflected ceiling plan, interior elevations, electrical plans and a general Site plan. The finished construction drawings are used for permit application and by the General Contractor for pricing and construction.

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